Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services

Click here for the Substance Use Disorder and Crisis Resource Guide

This guide provides resources for individuals and their families.

Disclaimer: Many programs listed in this section have numerous locations/dates/times of meetings. The ones listed are just a sample. Go to their website for more info. Programs listed are primarily local, not exhaustive, and not an endorsement by the Duxbury Police Department. It is strongly suggested you consult with your doctor for options.

We cannot stress this enough, if you believe someone is suffering from an overdose or is going to harm themselves or someone else call 911.

To get Naloxone "Narcan" (Nasal spray to reverse Opiate Overdose) for yourself or to help someone else please visit your local pharmacy.
In Duxbury, stop by the Rite Aid on Depot St. you will be provided with a kit and training by the pharmacist. No prescription nessessary at phamacies with a standing order to carry it (such as the Duxbury Rite Aid). For more information on Naloxone access click here. 

The Behavioral Health Services Section has been developed by the Duxbury Police Crisis Intervention Team. We are a team of Officers who have received specific training in these areas. Our goal is to get a person in crisis the help they need. Whether it is a crisis of the mind, a crisis brought on by drug/alcohol use, or both. It is important to know that there is help not only for the person in crisis but for the family as well. Substance use disorder and mental health conditions can have a very traumatic affect on families and friends.

Crisis Intervention Team Officers are on hand to assist you, a friend, or a loved one in any way they can to get you the help you need. Need help navigating resources? We can help. Whether it be over the phone or in person. We are also able to meet with you in uniform or discreetly out of uniform.

Click Here to make a Behavioral Health Services Referral and an Officer will contact you


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Andrew Homestead Crisis Intervention Team Supervisor (781) 934-5656 ext. 1133
James Tougas Crisis Intervention Team Officer (781) 934-5656 ext. 1169
Scott Kane Crisis Intervention Team Officer (781) 934-5656