Bicycle Patrol Unit

Duxbury's C.O.B.W.E.B-trained Bicycle Patrol unit has been one of the most successful programs in Department history. The officers in this unit enjoy many advantages over Officers using conventional patrol methods. The bicycle provides a quiet mode of transport, with excellent visibility. This affords the Officer a greater awareness of his surroundings and ability to spot illegal activity that motorized patrol units may miss. The Bicycle Officer can cover a much larger area and travel faster than his foot patrol counterpart. The bicycle has proven to be a great asset in Duxbury's business and recreation areas.

In addition to its tactical advantages the bicycle also increases the Community's access to its' Officers. People frequently approach our Bicycle Officers with questions or information that they may not have bothered to report by phone.

The final benefit of the bicycle is increased physical fitness. This benefits the Officer as well as the community.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Christopher Mori Sergeant (781) 934-5656 ext. 1134