Burglary Prevention Checklist

Doors and Entry Areas

  • Are your doors solid core construction?
  • Do your entry doors have a wide-angle view?
  • Are the locks secure from being opened if a burglar breaks a glass or a panel?
  • Do your exterior doors have deadbolt locks with at least a one-inch throw and beveled cylinder guards?
  • Can all your doors be securely locked?
  • Do the lock strike plates have screws at least 3 inches long going into the house framing?
  • Do all your out swinging doors have the hinges pinned or have non-removable pins?
  • Are all entry areas unobstructed by shrubbery and other decor to permit maximum visibility?
  • Do sliding doors have an auxiliary lock that locks both the door panels together?
  • Do your sliding glass doors lift out of the track?
  • Is your garage secured with a lock, hasp, or similar lock other than just the door opener?
  • Do you lock your car and remove the keys even while it is parked in the garage?  


  • Are all windows equipped with auxiliary key locks or are they pinned?
  • Have you replaced or secured louvered windows?
  • Are your window locks properly and securely mounted?
  • Do you keep your windows locked when shut?
  • Do you use locks that will allow you to lock a window when it is partially open?
  • In high crime areas, do you use bars or ornamental grilles to block your windows?
  • Do you have good secure locks on garage windows?
  • Are you as careful to secure your second floor windows, as you are to secure those on the first floor?  

Safe Practices

  • Do you keep a list, pictures, or a video of all your valuable property?
  • Do you have the serial numbers to all your valuables?
  • Do you avoid unnecessary display of your valuables?
  • Do you "hide" a key somewhere outside your home?
  • Do you have lighting installed and in use around the outside of your home?
  • Have you secured your ladder?
  • Do you have a list of emergency numbers by every phone?
  • Have you discussed with your family what to do if you find a burglar in your house?
  • Do you have a smoke detector installed in your home? 

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