About the Town of Duxbury

The Town of Duxbury (pop 15,000) is located 25 miles south of the City of Boston. The Town covers 23 square miles and is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape of Duxbury includes large conservation areas, oceanfront beaches, a small inner harbor, and modest commercial and retail business. Our picturesque waterfront is highlighted by the Powder Point Bridge, a half mile long wooden bridge that connects the main land to our beautiful Duxbury Beach Park. Regionally, Duxbury is the town of choice for families seeking excellent schools, outstanding community services, and a pleasant and safe residential atmosphere. 

Pilgrims Myles Standish and John Alden, the original founders of Duxbury, were passengers on the Mayflower that landed in the new world in neighboring Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. Standish and Alden eventually headed a short distance north along the bay and settled in the area now known as Duxbury. In 1637, the Town of Duxbury was formally incorporated. The name “Duxbury” was chosen by Myles Standish after an area near his hometown in England known as Duxbury Woods.  

Early in Town history, Duxbury developed into a center for shipbuilding. This traditional industry continued until the mid-nineteenth century when ships became too large to navigate in our shallow harbor. Many examples of beautiful and historic homes from the shipbuilding era still exist throughout the town.

In the early years of Duxbury, policing was accomplished by elected officials and then eventually through part time constables appointed by the Town. As the Town began to grow, it became clear that a full time police presence was needed. To address this need, the Town Meeting in March of 1931 constituted the formation of the Duxbury Police Department. In the early years the town was patrolled on motorcycle by our Police Chief and one or two part time officers. Today the department consists of 55 employees that include 31 full time police officers, 5 permanent part time reserve officers, 17 special police officers, and 2 civilian support staff members.