Uniformed Patrol

Safewise ranks Duxbury as #10 Safest City in Massachusetts

The Patrol Division forms the base from which all police work is conducted. The uniformed Patrol Division is the largest and most visible of the divisions within the Duxbury Police Department. The division is under the direct supervision of a command officer, usually a Sergeant or Lieutenant and is comprised of 3 to 4 uniformed patrol Officers. We are made up of men and women who patrol Duxbury’s streets day and night, normally working 8-hour shift schedules.

Patrol Officers are our front line of defense for the Town of Duxbury. They are typically the first to arrive to every type of call received by the police department. Patrol duty often involves very volatile situations that require officers to take charge and for that reason officers are required to be the most well-rounded in their knowledge of laws, ordinances and tactical skills. Our primary goals are to ensure public safety, enhance neighborhood quality of life, and provide unparalleled service to the Town of Duxbury.

Patrol Officers will use different techniques and equipment to foster successful operations such as patrol cars, mountain bicycles and foot patrol. Patrol officers receive significant in-service and specialized training to enhance their skills. Certain officers that exhibit exceptional skill or interest in specialized fields are often selected to fill additional responsibilities.