Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit members are Sgt. Friend Weiler, Sgt. Kristin Golden, Officer Timothy Wigmore, Officer Dennis Pearse, and Officer Mary Ellen Vidito. The primary duty of the Traffic Safety Unit is the enforcement of motor vehicle law in order to reduce traffic collisions and their resulting injuries. Enforcing motor vehicle law results in safer roadways, fewer injuries, and reduces property damage. The Unit concentrates its enforcement efforts in the areas with the highest violations.

Speed, one of the leading causes of collisions, is enforced through the use of radar. The Traffic Safety Unit also utilizes display trailers in order to combat speeding. Mobile speed display radar trailers are rotated throughout the Town of Duxbury to inform motorists of their speeds and serve as an educational tool.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Timothy Wigmore Officer (781) 934-5656 ext. 1187
Friend Weiler Sergeant (781) 934-5656 ext. 1122