Recreational Shellfish Information & Regulations

Rules for Recreational Shellfishing in Duxbury:

1. The Signed Permit must be on the person of anyone in the act of harvesting shellfish, eels and seaworms.  Must be shown upon demand to the Shellfish Constable or his Deputies.

2. Any shellfish, seaworms or eels must be shown upon demand to the Shellfish Constable or his Deputies for inspection.

3. When weekly limits of shellfish are set, the week begins on Monday.

4. Taking Shellfish, eels or seaworms is prohibited on Sunday from June 1 to Sept. 1.

5. All Shellfish must be dug with conventional tined tools.  No shovels are permitted and digging must be by hand without the assistance of power.

6. No digging of shellfish by hand power or motor power is allowed.

7. It is prohibited to dig for any shellfish or seaworms in grass or close to the roots of marsh.

8. It is prohibited to dig or take shellfish or seaworms between the hours of 1/2 hour after sunset and 1/2 before sunrise.

9. It is unlawful to remove the shells from shellfish before leaving the digging area.

10. If digging causes large holes in the shore, they must be filled in by the digger.

11. Quahogs and softshelled clams must be 2" in greatest length; oysters must be 3".

12. No container larger than 12 qts. is allowed on the shore creek or inlet.

13. Permits are required for all persons over the age of 14.  Those 14 and under must be accompanied by a permit holder whose limit is not increased by the presence of the child.

14. Quahogs, mussels, and razors are limited to 12 qts. per week per family.  The total amount harvested shall not exceed 12 qts. in any one day and no more than 12 qts. in any one week unless otherwise so stated.

15. When allowed, soft shell clams (steamers) and oysters shall be limited to 6 qts. per week per family.  Open areas will be designated by the Selectman and posted if appropriate by the Shellfish Constable.  These areas only are to be harvested for soft shelled clams and oysters.
(a) soft shell clams (steamers) may only be taken during the months of September, October, April, and May on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
(b) Oyster season and harvesting will be as designated by the selectman annually when appropriate.

16. It is unlawful for a person to harvest any part of another's permit.

17. No shellfish taken on non commercial permits may be sold, wasted or bartered in any manner.

18. When harvesting sea clams, the limit shall be 32 qts. per week per family.

19. The holders of permits issued for digging and taking of shellfish, eels and seaworms shall at times conform to Chapters I, II, and III of Duxbury Shellfish Ordinance and to the provisions of the Chapter 130 of the General Laws and any subsequent amendments thereto.