Schools Notify Police of Inappropriate Web-Page

Schools Notify Police of Inappropriate Web-Page  

Thursday May 5, 2016

Duxbury High School staff notified police on Wednesday of the presence of a Drop Box page which allegedly contained images of some female students in which some were in varying stages of undress. Police investigators quickly worked with the web source to shut down the page. Police and school officials have been in the process of notifying the parents of those involved. The police focus is on notifying anyone who may be victim and to identify who may be responsible for creating this page itself.  “There are some young people here who are very embarrassed and very upset. They are victims” said Chief Matthew Clancy. “They made a mistake and someone took advantage of that”. “Unfortunately we are learning that many communities have been dealing with this very issue”.  “We will join the Schools as needed and requested in educating students on the negative impacts of this activity”.  In the meantime, the matter of who created this page remains under police investigation and no further information will be made available at this time.

Matthew M. Clancy

Police Chief

(781) 934-5656 ext. 1140