Duxbury Police Training Room

Policy for Public Use
Training Room

The Duxbury Police Department offers use of its Training Room to both non-profit and profit- making entities when not in use by the Department for law enforcement training. The room is equipped with the latest in Smart Board technology and is WiFi enabled. The room has a training capacity to accommodate up to 45 students comfortably. Non-profit entities may use the Training Room free of charge during the posted hours of availability. Profit-making entities will be charged the posted rate below. The Training Room must be booked by persons eighteen (18) years of age or older and all applicants will be required to provide positive identification.

Use of the Training Room by no way implies endorsement by the Police Department of that group’s policies or activities. Use by individuals for the purpose of conducting a political campaign or advocating an issue before the electorate is welcome as long as the Police Department can meet state requirements for provision of equal access.

Presentations shall not include inappropriate content, inappropriate images or inappropriate language. Use of the room to promote or support highly controversial and/or inflammatory subject matter shall be denied. The Chief of Police reserves the right to reject any application for use and shall have sole authority to determine what constitutes inappropriate, highly controversial or inflammatory content for the purposes of Training Room availability to the public.

Serving of alcoholic beverages is not permitted. The Duxbury Police Station is a smoke free environment. The Town of Duxbury and the Duxbury Police Department assume no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of any property of any group, individual or organization using the Police Department facilities.