How to Report a Crime

Identify yourself – name, address, and phone number – even if you are calling 911.

Tell the dispatcher the type of crime.

Let the dispatcher know if the crime is in progress or has already occurred.

Where is/did the crime take place.

Give descriptions of suspect(s):

  1. How many are there?
  2. Are there any weapons involved?
  3. What direction did they go?
  4. Are they on foot or in a motor vehicle?
  5. Is anyone with the suspect(s) 

Describe the vehicle:

  1. What is the vehicle – car, van, or truck?
  2. What color is it?
  3. What is the plate number?
  4. Is there anything unique about the vehicle – dents - roof racks – lettering?
  5. In what direction did the vehicle go in?  

Stay on the line until the dispatcher tells you to hang up.

After calling the police, write down anything that would be helpful to the responding officer(s), keep an eye out for anything else making note of your observations.

Remain on scene until police arrive if possible.